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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Pick Your Brain" Session?

A “Pick Your Brain” session is exactly what it sounds like. This session is for you if you don’t want to engage in consulting services but have general questions about goal-setting, business, life strategy, etc.. Any question related to my businesses or my experience in consulting and therapy can be asked and answered here. 

If I receive all of that in the Discovery Call, why would I need a Strategy Session?

A strategy session is the deep dive. After our discover call, I spend a number of hours on research and utilizing my expertise to prepare for our session. This session includes consulting on everything you need to optimize your life and business, including providing actionable steps and a detailed plan for how you will implement directed tasks to achieve your goals.

Do you offer any programs outside of your 1:1 Consulting calls?

Yes. If you’re like me, then with certain things you know you need longer times and a community of support. Maybe life is busy and delegating time to working on your and your career may need to be stretched out. I got you covered! I also offer a 6-week program. You will still complete your individual assessment regarding your life, goals, and barriers to understand where you are and what you need. In addition, you will received tailored and individualized actionable plans to achieve your goals, you will receive weekly support and accountability, and encouragement through your process. 

What is a Discovery Call?

A discovery call is an opportunity for us to meet via video to discuss your needs and your goals and provides me with information to plan a strategy tailored to your needs. You will recieve a Pre-Call Questionnaire to complete prior to the call that I personally review. After reviewing the questionnaire, I conduct preliminary research into the answers provided to ensure that our call is structured, intentional, and productive. 

Will you check in to make sure I am following the Action Plan?

There are those of you who learn and grow by running your own race and there are those of you who need minor check-ins and accountability checks. For this purpose, I also offer Accountability Calls for those of you who know check-ins help you stay on track. These are 15-minute weekly check-ins to monitor your progress, to briefly get you back on the right path if you’ve veered off, and to adjust as needed. 

I would love to have you speak at my event, where can I find information to book you as a speaker?

I love doing speaking engagements and would love to speak with you regarding your event. Feel free to email [email protected] for speaking inquiries and I will be in touch with you!

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